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Name:Monster High
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Community description:A place for fans of Monster High by Mattel
A Dreamwidth community for fans of Monster High, the freakishly fabulous doll line by Mattel!

1.) All large imagines, fanfics, and icons must be placed beneath a cut. Three icons may be left out as a 'teaser' if you're posting a batch. Directions for cutting entries can be found HERE.

2.) If a member of the community posts images they've taken with their own camera, ask for their express permission before reposting. (If you find specific members of this community taking your images without proper credit, please alert a moderator.)

3.) Let's keep it civil. Strong language is permissible but name-calling won't be tolerated. Please alert a moderator if harassment starts up in comments.

4.) Sale posts are welcome! You may link members to your own journal if you host your sales there, you may post about items you wish to buy, giveaways, and splits. Please keep sale posts relevant to Monster High, however! This community wasn't made with Barbies in mind.

Membership is open, come on in!

This community [community profile] monster_high is an unofficial home for all fans of Monster High. No copyright infringement is intended.

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